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Double Head Massager

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AED80.00 - AED72



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20 FTC: 2700PCS 40 FTC: 5500PCS :40 FTC (high): 6240PCS

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1. Fashionable appearance, convenient operation and a smart-designed handle.
2. The well-designed huge dual massage head simulates to massage like a human hand in any parts of your body with evenly-distributed strength.
3. Replaceable dual massage heads and plates of different models are available for you to purchase. Prepare for new massage experience.
4. The infrared light release from the top and bottom of this massage could provide comfortable warmth to stimulate your meridian points, relieve stress in you mussels and promote the metabolism.
5. This product helps improve immunity by offering both soothing and strong percussion upon human meridian points, enhancing blood circulation and increasing vitality.
6. This massager brings you not only comprehensive relief from muscle tension but also effectively enhanced blood circulation.
7. Two-speed setting is designed for you to choose. The low speed offers soothing and comfortable massage to abate muscular pain while the high speed delivers vigorous and deep penetrating action to stretch muscle. You may choose either of them according to what your body needs.
8. The simple but convenient, smart and durable switch gives you two options of massage power intensities: The strong one and the low one.
9. It is safe and friendly to the environments with little consumption of electricity.

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